Nature's Circle Farm, centered in Aroostook County, Maine, was founded in 1996 by owner and grower, Dick York. Dick grew up working on a family farm and knew instinctively that agriculture was something he always wanted to do. Dick started out growing a variety of mixed organic vegetables on just two acres of Maine land. He and his son, Jamie, did all the work. He was aware of the importance of growing organic. Knowing this movement to find quality grown organic food would soon take hold in northern Maine. Dick had a vision of increasing his product line of Maine organic vegetables and seed potatoes. As well as getting his own family more involved.

Dick's daughter, Meg, started doing bookkeeping, taking on marketing for the organic farm in 2004. She now co-owns the Maine farm with her father. Business picked up, along with a growing demand for the organic vegetables, particularly potatoes. Both table stock and seed stock varieties.  Aroostook County rich farm soil is well known for its fertility.

Nature's Circle Farm now grows potatoes, turnip, rutabaga, carrots, beets, cabbage, parsnips, squash and grain, all USDA certified organic.

Nature's Circle Farm also grows double-certified Maine organic seed potato (16 varieties). We are proud to have a wonderful crew of employees who work very hard to maintain operations and provide consistent high-quality Maine organic produce. We are very pleased to be able to serve the Eastern Seaboard with our organic products.

We hope that more consumers will buy and eat Maine organic food! Visitors are cordially invited to visit our New Limerick Maine farm operations. Our packing shed facilities are located on US Route #2, six miles west of of Houlton Maine. Come on out during fall organic vegetable harvest times.You can pick your own Maine potatoes (just bring a basket!).