Nature's Circle Farm is one of the few producers of double certified Maine seed potato. This means the seed potatoes you buy from us have been certified to meet all required standards by two agencies: The State of Maine Department of Agriculture, Division of Plant Industry as well as Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Certification Association (MOFGA).

All of our seed lots are organic. The Maine farm seed must first pass two field inspections and a post harvest Florida test. The State of Maine actually plants carefully chosen samples of each variety of seed we have requested for certification and monitors their growth and health.

The following Maine organic varieties are available this year:


Yukon Gold-*Heirloom variety-early seson yellow-skinned, yellow fleshed potato. Great flavor, excellent storage, very well-known potato but susceptible to disease and hollow-heart.

Satina-Early-mid season yellow-skinned, yellow fleshed potato with a high yield, resistance to rhizoctonia, black leg, scab and hollow heart. Field resistance to late blight and very good storage potato.

Keuka Gold-Mid-season yellow skin, yellow flesh, oval-shaped potato with a good yield, resistance to scab and blackspot. Can be susceptible to golden nematode and leafhopper. Good for fresh market, tablestock and chipping, excellent chipper that could replace Yukon Gold.

Yukon Nugget-Mid-early season yellow skinned, yellow fleshed potato with small pink eyes designed as an improvement to yukon gold. Yukon Nugget produces more tubers per plant than yukon gold with a more evenly distributed size and is more resistant to hollow heart, scab, and vascular and stem end discoloration. It is susceptible to PVY and PLRV.


Kennebec-*Heirloom variety-Mid-Season white-skin, white-fleshed potato. Released from the USDA in 1948 (the year Dick was born!!) Kennebec is still one of the top 10 varieties grown in Maine. Very dependable with high yields of large, white potatoes. Resistant to late blight, excellent storage, great all-purpose potato.

Elba-Late season, round white potato. Very resistant to late blight, great storage, excellent flavor, good baking potato.-LOW VOLUME


Dark Red Norland-Early season red-skin, white-fleshed potato. Very early red and productive. Rich red color, resistant to PVA, some resistanceRed Pontiac-Late season, dark red skin, shallow eyes and crisp white flesh. Great storage potato, excellent for mashing, very good for heavy soils.

Chieftain-Medium to late maturing red-skinned variety, oval-shaped. Resistant to late blight, common scab, tuber net necrosis and stem-end browning.

Red Pontiac-Late season, dark red skin, shallow eyes and crisp white flesh. Great storage potato, excellent for mashing, very good for heavy soils.

Adirondack Red- all red (red flesh, red skin) that is an early-mid season, high-yielding variety, very high in anti-oxidants. It has moderate resistance to scab and can be susceptible to silver scurf. It is considered a specialty variety

Strawberry Paw-Bright pink skin, white flesh potato. Some blight and scab resistance.-LOW VOLUME


Bora Valley-Early season dark purple potato with purple flesh; long, oval shape. Smooth-skinned, early maturity, high yields. Good storage, resistant to leaf rot and leaf blight. Maintains color when roasted or steamed.


French Fingerling-Creamy and delicious, pink skin with yellow flesh speckled with pink; resistant to common scab.

Russian Banana Fingerling-Banana-shaped waxy yellow skin, yellow fleshed potato. A true favorite among top chefs. Delicious and moist baked, boiled, steamed, roasted. Excellent for salads. Some resistance to scab.


Goldrush-Mid season smooth tuber with few external and internal defects; higher yield than Burbank; resistant to common scab, verticillium wilt, blackspot and silver scurf but somewhat susceptible to common potato viruses.


Pricing: For orders 5000lbs+=$.60/lb for regular varieties; $.80 for Bora Valley, Adirondack Red, Yukon Nugget, & Strawberry Paw; $1.50 for Fingerlings; Orders under 5000lbs= $.62 for reg varieties; $.82 for Bora Valley, Adirondack Red, Yukon Nugget & Strawberry Paw; $1.60 for Fingerlings-Can negotiate!


Please email or call Meg at anytime: or Meg at (207) 592-1476

For more information about these varieties please contact us. Call, email, come visit our Maine organic farm. We are very cautious to grow our double certified seed potatoes in excellent soil with a very low risk of disease. They are carefully inspected by our state inspectors and we take pride in our potato seed being top quality. There is a minimum order of 1,000 lbs on all potato seed orders.